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17 June, 2010 01:17

12 June, 2010 21:39

12 June, 2010 20:23

My wife, My son, and Cayman, the other son.


A lot has changed since I last posted on this blog.  First, it has been a really super long time since I posted.  Second, people have realized this and are no longer checking, and last, I have been laid off and am currently looking for a new job.  This is one of those times that you really have to trust in God.  There is one place I’m hoping to go work at, but probably won’t know until the end of april i would guess.  We will see….  Anyway, prayers would be appreciated.

Two new yard birds

Before you ask, no I don’t have pictures, and I actually never saw the birds.  I did, however, hear them.  And that counts!  I figure if you know your birds songs well enough and hear one, it counts.  So, my two new birds are the Willow Flycatcher and the Swainsons Thrush.

2 new yard birds!!!

Well, what a nice sunny day and two new yard birds.  The first was a beautiful male rufous hummingbird.  The second was a curious yellow-rumped warbler.  Very cool.

Bored and didn’t know what to do

A weekend with cruddy weather and me, with nothing to do…


Then, Cayman decided to come have some fun the next morning…


Spring Break

How nice it is to have a week off.  The bummer is that it has rained just about every single day…..